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These celebs are advocates for body positivity

With the millions of pictures being shared daily on social media, it’s easy for you to become self-conscious about your body and how you look. Flawless celebs and social media stars slam your feed daily telling you how you should look and what you should wear. Some celebs are taking on this photoshopped reality and slamming society’s expectations at the same time.

With the rise of social media comes the rise of the photoshopped reality. Stomachs are flattened and thighs thinned; arms can be more toned and you can even be made to look taller. The problem with this is that it creates unrealistic expectations. Some would even say that there are no real pictures on the internet anymore. Bebe Rexha, Jameela Jamil, and a few others are speaking out against this growing epidemic and trying to empower instead of put down.

Body positivity is all about embracing your natural self and helping others do the same. “The minutes that we spend thinking about how much we hate our bodies, are minutes that we are not spending growing our talent, growing our minds, or growing our overall happiness,” remarked Jameela Jamil. The goal is simple, to have everyone all over the world comfortable and happy with who they are.