One of fashion’s most stylish women and Editor-in-Chief of Lucky magazine happens to be none other than Eva Chen. When she’s not writing up an article for Lucky, you can most likely find her on a few social media platforms posting pictures of her daily apple and footwear or her latest mani (which changes almost every day). She’s one of fashion’s most loved women not only her amazing personal style but also because she’s incredibly likeable—online and in real life.

Eva has long been a blogger and is dishing on the tips that will help you whether you’re a current blogger or upcoming blogger.

Don’t expect overnight success. “Everyone loves and overnight success but it’s that—it’s a fairytale”. Blogging takes a lot of hard work so don’t expect to have a successful blog right away. Instead, work hard and make good content.

Be authentic. It’s easy to get carried away by what you see on social media so make the best out of your own life and what you have instead of following others’ footsteps.

Be nice. Easy enough, right? It’s better to make friends with fellow bloggers than to make enemies. We’re all in the same fashion/beauty boat!

To see the full interview with Eva, check out the video.

(Cover and article image: nymag.com)