Canadian pop singing sensation and the “My Heart Would Go On” songstress is now involved in children clothing. In a recent online ad, she was seemingly arrested for unauthorized/illegal entry into a nursery room with many children.

Inside the room, she did use some mystic powers to change the children clothing’s color to gender-neutral white and black cloths. The business which is set to launch unisex and gender-neutral clothing line is called Celinununu which is believed to be gotten from the joining of words Celine and Nununu.

The 5 time Grammy award winner and widowed music icon explained that the motive behind the creation is to give children the freedom to discover themselves and be who they want to be rather than been programmed by the society.

In an interview with Robin Meade on Wednesday, she explained that the partnership with Nununu for the gender-less children clothing was to give children the much needed liberty as regards to their lifestyle decisions and is also aimed at reducing inequality. The 49-year-old veteran singer further elaborated that that she is on a mission to use fashion to shape children’s mind, embrace individuality and positively inspire children.