A bob or lob is a hairstyle that is not only chic but it is perfect for the summer time! There are countless of reasons why you should try one this summer.

It will keep you light and fresh for summer and keep you cool in the heat . The style is flattering on not only everyone but there are so many different ways to wear it. It is a timeless style so no matter how long your hair takes to grow back, it will always be in.

Not only is it trendy for the summer but it’s a classic and it’s a chance to give damaged hair a fresh start! You can embrace your natural face features with a bob to, No two Bob’s are alike because each one will enhance your facial features. You can add bangs and as many different layers as you please.

Bobs are an easy summer hairstyle because if you were having a bad hair day all you need to do is excess arise and throw on a hat. With so many different types of bobs, you can be sure that you will find one route for your face and style. Bring out your effortless cool girl this summer!