(Photo credit: ANTHONY HARVEY/AFP/Getty Images)

The New Fragrance Will Be “Genderless”

Cher has been a music icon since the 60s and now, in 2019, she is releasing a new genderless fragrance for fans to enjoy.

The release of her new fragrance comes over 30 years after her previous fragrance release, and this new one is one that Cher loves enough to wear herself, every single day.

When discussing the announcement on May 20th, Cher shared that she has been working on this fragrance for over four years. An even bigger surprise? Developing a perfume she loved enough to wear herself wasn’t just a ruse. Cher wears her new fragrance each day.

The last perfume that she released was in 1987 when she released one called Uninhibited. At 73 years old, she felt ready to share the newest fragrance addition with us. She worked directly with ScentBeauty to create a scent that includes notes of bergamot, neroli, jasmine, vetiver, and vanilla. She chose vanilla because it’s her personal favorite, noting that “it makes you want to hold yourself.”

Cher was very excited to share the announcement with fans and chose to post it on Twitter the day after her birthday.