Half-tucking your shirt is a big trend this season that gives you instant cool points. To non-fashion girls or people in general, the trend may look like you were just too lazy to properly tuck your shirt but there’s actually a right and wrong way to do it. You can either look like an effortlessly chic street style model or you can look like your alarm went off 20 minutes before work.

To do the half-tucked shirt look the right way, give this style tutorial a try.

halftuckStep 1: Start out with a completely untucked shirt. Although it’s tempting to tuck the whole thing in and just pull some of it out, it won’t look as nice.
Step 2. Unbutton your shirt to where you see a little bit of skin. It shouldn’t be much skin, just above where your pants or skirt is.
Step 3. Take the bottom flap of the shirt (if you have a button-down shirt, it’s the shirt with the buttons) and tuck it in following the waist band until you get to your side.
Step 4: Once you’ve gotten to the side, take that fabric and tuck it underneath and let it drape. Here you’re free to adjust any fabric the way you’d like.
To see a video on how it’s done and additional styling tips, check out the video playlist!
(Cover image: whowhatwear.com)