(Photo Source: KKW Beauty)

KKW and Mario Dedivanovic are trending just in time for the new year

When you’ve been in the biz for 20 years, you tend to pick up a thing or two. And when you’re one of the most highly sought after, famous, and experience in said biz, people tend to listen to you.

Such is the case for Mario Dedivanovic, one of the most skilled and influential professional makeup artists in Hollywood. Unofficially known as Kim Kardashian West’s go-to glam man, Mario has worked with an impressive roster of clientele and has inspired some of the most exemplary makeup tricks of this century.

From chiseled contours, beaming highlights, over-lined lips and even bold colored eyeshadows, Dedivanovic has had quite a hand in the heavy makeup look. However, he disclosed to People that he doesn’t foresee this trend lasting into the next decade. In fact, he predicts a much different look from what the 2010s were all about.

And like I said, when you know your stuff, people trust what you say. According to Dedivanovic, the 2020s will embrace a much more natural look. And not the “natural look” we have now that includes thickly layered makeup with a full contour and is only somehow deemed “natural” looking due to nude lips and peachy-toned eyeshadows. The new natural look will embrace “breathable skin” as he calls it, straying away from heavy makeup.

“It got a little out of control,” he says in reference to the makeup style of this past decade. “Now I see more natural beauty and less edited photos coming.”

Less full-glam, more full-you in the makeup world to come.