Slogan t-shirts are taking the fashion world by storm and we love it. They’re fun, expressive, and you can tailor them to fit whatever mood you’re in on any given day to fit your personal style. Model Cara Delevingne is a big fan wearing t-shirts that say “Last clean t-shirt” or “Homies” in her everyday street style making them fun, edgy, and, undeniably, cool.

Although these t-shirts are quite fun and versatile they sometimes come at hefty price especially from brands like YSL, Celine, and Marc Jacobs so making your own is the next best, and inexpensive, thing. You’ll need the following:

1. Plain white t-shirt
2. Decal letters
3. Cardboard
4. An iron
5. A thin cloth

It’s pretty self-explanatory after you have all of your items. Place whatever slogan you’d like on the t-shirt, place the cloth on top of the letter so they won’t burn, and iron away! Don’t forget to place the cardboard in the t-shirt to prevent any mistakes on the other side of the shirt.

If you want to see a demonstration of this awesome DIY, check out the video.