It’s easy to forget about taking care of our luscious locks when other parts of our body, like our skin, tend to be more needy. For the most part, washing it every other day along with conditioner once or twice a week seems to be second nature and we leave it there. But just like your skin and your nails, you’re hair needs attention too. The harsh winds can make it brittle and if you shower and head out with drying it completely, your hair suffers even more.

Because it’s such an important part to a girl’s overall look, we have a few tips to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant even if it’s snowing outside:

1. Apply a hair mask. Yes, they do exist so do this once a week. It’ll deliver moisture and shine so you’re locks look healthy.
2. If static is a problem, a silk scarf will do the trick.
3. Use a dandruff shampoo to prevent your scalp from drying up.

For additional tips on keeping your hair beautiful this winter, tune into the video.