It’s always great to give your closet a good clean out… but sometimes you have to keep around things that will be amazingly chic again in a few years that you can either wear or sell . Here are a few things you should definitely hold onto if you have them hanging around.

Something you should never throw out is a blazer. Definitely want to keep this in your closet because there are many ways you can wear a blazer, offering little change over the years with a price-point you can’t go wrong with.

Next up, a leather jacket. It never ever goes out of style and if you don’t wear it for one season you definitely will for the next season. It’s awesome to throw on over any outfit and makes the outfit look instantly more cool. There’s a reason we see so many celebrities today rocking them!

Another thing that is in style right now and that you shouldn’t get rid of are matching two-piece sets. They are cute and fun and the awesome thing about them is that you can split them up and wear them with different pieces!

And lastly, a pair of black slacks. It’s something that is always good to have around to throw on to make an outfit look instantly more sophisticated. Some clothes just get better with time and may eventually be worth a few dimes.