Christmas is just around the corner and the atmosphere is already filled the Christmas ambiance. A lot of people go all out with their outfits, rock the best shoes and even make the best hair-dos this festive season. In spite of the Christmas season we have put together some of the trendiest hair this season.

First off on our list is the ponytail. This unarguably sits in the number one position, this Christmas season as the ponytail trending because it is simple and classy.

It is a comfortable hair-do and it is pulled all to the center. This sleek up do leads all other hair trends this season. There is more to meet the eyes as the ponytail can either be curly, wavy or straight based on the individual’s preference. So it is more or less a three in one option.

Another Christmas hair trend is the afro. As crazy as this might sound the afro is trending this Christmas season. Some A-list celebrities have opened the floor for the afro trend.

Braid season is usually all year round and it is one of the trends this Christmas as well. Not to forget the pixie cut is one of the Christmas hair trends. We are in the winter season therefore this is a good time for ladies to rock their pixie cut and short hair like bob. The straight blunt cut is another hair trend this Christmas season and this hair sincerely looks better in blonde, black, and brunette.

Hair styles are always in and out of season but these ones listed above are the hair trends this Christmas. In case you are still in a dilemma as to what hair to rock for Christmas, then we hope this article pulls you out of your dilemma. You are welcome!