The peacemaking, earth loving, naturalistic people back in the day were called hippies. Could the age of flower power and peace signs be back in style? With a few modifications, hippie style seems to be back and bigger than it ever was.

First up, bold floral prints. All the fashionable hippies were known for wearing their floral prints from head-to-toe, with no more room for flowers to grow. But now, the style has been more of a modernized hippie look.

Picking only one piece with the floral print, and adding a piece that balances the outfit out with a more neutral ensemble. Another one that comes to no surprise to most people are the flared jeans. Hippies used to wear their flared jeans with a tunic, which was an easy go to look for most, but now people wear flared jeans with tucked in T-shirts to accentuate the waist.

The crop tops you wear nowadays are actually inspired by a popular hippie style from back in the day. Crop tops are more common than ever, and the look is more subdued today.

And of course, fun and festive fringe. Hippies, even cowboys, wore tons of fringe all over their body. Now people take a more simple approach by adding a fringe accessory like a bag.

Finally, the circular sunglasses. The John Lennon inspired glasses were huge back in the day, but the simple style now comes in a wide range of sizes to fit your face. If you’re free spirit who loves bohemian, let it shine with old hippie trends modernized!