The British born fashion blogger and influencer, Victoria Magrath or commonly called VictoriaInTheFrow who owns the blog InTheFrow has released a book titled “The New Fashion Rules” which is her first published book ever. She is a well known fashion influencer with over 860,000 instagram followers, a L’Oreal Paris deal and columnist for Glamour magazine, of course, her fashion advice can be banked on.

She has taken fashion as education, career, and passion, in “The New Fashion Rules” are her ideas on everything fashion, what you should wear, who decides what you wear and a whole lot of unanswered questions. In the new world where everything revolves around Instagram and social media networks, what are the things or parts of fashion that should be focused on?

The 29-year-old blogger who recently got engaged to her photographer and ex-graphics designer boyfriend started blogging in the year 2012, she has the ingrained knowledge of digital technology with fashion having attended various fashion shows and weeks with her feel-good fashion blog InTheFrow which shows a lot of her experimentation with a lot of fashion ideas. Therefore the confusion caused by the Unending relationship between fashion and the internet is something she understands well and is experienced enough to tackle. She has sat and assembled all her ideas about the new world of fashion and how you can conquer it either you are a big or small fashion enthusiast.

She has done well for herself out and inside her home country, including a lot of achievements to her name – Company magazine Best Personal Style Blogger awards, A Glamour woman of the year nomination and a huge Youtube following. Her book promises to be the best in-the moment style help you can possibly find.