Meet your hair goals with this company’s custom hair care products, designed with your ideal hair in mind.

Function of Beauty specializes in customs hair care products that are designed to help you with your desired hair style. Like people, each hair care product is unique.

With years of scientific research with two MIT-educated engineers using technology to make an advantage in creating custom products. The developed algorithm allows the proper mixture of ingredients to customize the effect of the product.

The fun part is picking which color and fragrance option you would like. They formulate the hair product based on the structure and goals desired for your hair. They also print a custom label with your name for the products, also a great idea for shampoo stealing victims.

Their hair care products are sulfate, paraben, toxin, and cruelty free. All products are 100% vegan and they don’t test products on animals. There is also a fragrance free option for people with allergies.

All products are made in the USA and is offers free shipping, with a 30 guarantee for free refund. Once ordered it takes 5-7 days to mix your custom formula and not long until you get to try with speedy shipping.

Take the quiz on their website to see which custom hair product would interest you.