Are you seriously trying to fish for fashion gold? Are you ready to dive deep into the styles of the red carpet? Do you wish to dive into the most recent trend in fashion? Amber Heard knows how to stay on her theme; she played her role out, the 32-years-old actress reached the London where her new film, “Aquaman” with the premiere in November.

In her glittering green Maison dress, the queen of the sea was inspired by the role she acted in her upcoming movie as she did not leave her swim gear at the pool. What’s more interesting is the fact that if you want the best of it all, the dress was matched with a matching swimming cap.

She walked the blue carpet wearing her dashing seaweed green Valentino gown with the same design matching a dazzling swim cap. Heard was definitely keeping to the aquatic theme through her choice of outfit.

The dress she wore stood out among the crowd on its own which she wore with an accentuating submerging neckline, a long train, with cut out details. The cap which hides her blonde hair made it look more gorgeous and very beautiful.

Heard played the role of sea queen Mera in the DC film, so it is fitting that her choice of clothing fit the character that she played in the movie. At the premiere, she said, “I just wanted to make it a splash.” As she notes, the oceanic luxe made its performance at the Valentino Haute Couture FW2018/2019 show during the Paris fashion show in July.