Adele celebrates her Dirty 30 with her favorite movie theme, Titanic.

Her love for Titanic can been seen through her Instagram and she wanted to emulate her favorite character, Rose.

She wore the same dress and hairstyle as Rose, including an old-fashioned life-vest. True to character she worn the same style necklace as the Heart of The Ocean.

Adele As Rose - ETCanada

The grand staircase was re-created for an elaborate entrance for the party. Guests were true to theme with their ensemble choice and were given old-fashioned life preservers to wear.

Guests such as musician, Mark Ronson, wore icicle makeup to appear like the freezing ship members. There was also a group dressed as the violin quartet with icicles, as an homage to the movie.

Mark Ronson at Adele Titanic Party

Adele has been receiving some back-lash and some have taken offense in glorifying the sinking of the Titanic. Some fans of Adele have reacted negatively through Twitter comments.

Negative Twitter comments about the party started through @BuzzFeedNews, when they tweeted about Adele’s party theme.
A tweet from @AmyJMatheson quotes, ‘A party based on a disaster that killed 1500 people. OK.’

Another negative tweet from @dilemma1979 says, ‘I’m a fan of the movie. But partying in life jackets??? Makes me feel uncomfortable’.

Some are forgetting that Adele is celebrating her love for the characters of the movie, Rose and Jack.