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Demi Moore is an InStyle icon

No InStyle Magazine reflection on the last 25 years would be complete without the illustrious Demi Moore. She is timeless and dare I say iconic in the fashion and movie industry. And in honor of the anniversary of InStyle Magazine, Demi Moore reflects on her magazine covers over the years.

Demi Moore requires no introduction. She is a celebrated actress and model that has such things as the classic Striptease as well as the cover of some of the most prestigious fashion magazines on the shelves today as part of her resume. But some of her favorite shoots were for InStyle Magazine.

Her first cover back in 1994 showed a more formal side to Demi. The theme was Victorian and the photoshoot took place at her home in Idaho. Looking back at the shoot, Demi explains, “There are two different sides of me: the dressy side, which is still like playing dress-up, and then IRL, in one of my 20 pairs of overalls.”

She always prefers the more relaxed and humorous side of things. Looking back on where she is now, she seems more relaxed and has really grown into her own.