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Letting no beauty products go to waste

For every makeup lover out there, it can be a struggle to make the most of these expensive products we know and love. Whether it’s getting the most out of your gorgeous (but broken) Nars blush or fixing your favorite shade of (now) broken Dior lipstick, nobody wants their favorite products to go to waste.

Regardless of what type of beauty product it is that you’re trying to squeeze every last drop out of, you will be thrilled to know that there is a fix for basically every makeup issue. Recently, a video was put together describing makeup fixes for some of the most common problems.

For your favorite moisturizer that’s running low, for example, you can cut off the end and scrape the remainder into an empty container. For blush, place something over top and use a bobby pin to crush up the powder into finer pieces. Next, add in rubbing alcohol and mix your blush into a paste. Finally, pack it down with a spoon, clean the edges with a Q-tip, and let it dry.