Dior Takes Over Morocco

The designer Christian Dior has long been known for high fashion, incredible runway shows, and beautiful designs. A favorite to celebrities like Emma Watson, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and more, it seems you can’t look anywhere without seeing the label.

And we’ve spotted it once again. The French label recently held its first fashion show in Morocco, displaying a collection known as their “Cruise” Collection. The collection was adorned with beaded dresses and patterned prints, paying homage to Moroccan culture. This collection is outside of the usual fashion week calendar but is still a very important source of sales for the label.

This event was hosted in Marrakech’s 16th century El Badi Palace, and it was complete with a pool, garden, and plenty of models dressed up in bandanas and flowing maroon or black gowns. The gowns were complete in fitting prints created with fabric from the Ivory Coast.

Other designers were brought in to work with the designer on this collection, making it a more authentic version of traditional Moroccan style. For more information on Dior’s recent fashion show, or to bring a bit if Morocco home, take a look at the video above.