We’ve all been there: you went out last night with your friends and wore the perfect dress and amazing costume jewelry and when you got home and took them off, your fingers were green. Ew. The worst part is the smell of copper that just seems to not want to come off.


Costume jewelry will all do this to you eventually although some take longer than others. Because costume jewelry is made from cheap materials such as copper, it oxidizes on your skin and creates a greenish looking colors because of the bad chemistry it has with your natural skin or with lotion that you may have applied.

Unfortunately there’s no way of having this never happen again unless you buy the real thing but we do have a tip that will at least keep it from turning your skin green for a little longer: clear nail varnish. If you apply it on the inside of the rings or cuffs it’ll act as a barrier between your skin and the jewelry preventing any stains. You’ll have to keep reapplying the varnish because it does wear off but a coat or 2 will last for the night.

Be sure to use this tip for green-free fingers and wrists!