Want a quick wardrobe update? Jeans are staple piece in everyone’s closet no matter your style. It’s like a white T-shirt, you can’t go wrong with it… and it’s all about the DIY these days! They don’t go out of style, but if you are looking to take your old jeans and turn them into something new, it’s awesome to try! It’s fun to change things up because you can really make a piece of clothing your own, and it’s super easy to transform something old into something new!

First up, fringe! You can take an old pair of jeans and give it a brand-new trendy look by adding fringe details! Not only is it fun, but it’s super in style. Using adhesive glue and fringe that you can find any craft store, simply attach it to the bottom of any denim color!

Next is collage style jeans. It’s been a trend that has been everywhere lately, and you can paint any type of symbols and patterns that you like all over! Whether it’s kissy lips or flowers, you can go crazy and really make a pair of denim your own!

Another great idea to transform a pair of old jeans is to mix too old pairs and to one. Incorporating patches from one pair of jeans and two the other can really give a cool color-block look and mixing different colors of denim is very trendy.

And if you are looking for some chic flair to add to an old pair of denim, pearls on denim are all the rage right now. It gives a fun, girly look, and you can find pearl beads at just about any craft store. They look great in any amount and in any place.

Finally, distressed polka dots. It’s a great look if you want to distress your jeans, and it’s easier than having to rip them up. There are many websites that will teach you how to get the perfect polka dot design! No matter what you do to your old jeans, it’s all about expressing who you are and having fun while doing it.