Nothing makes us happier than a DIY that’s easy to do and actually works well. It’s even better when you don’t need a lot of products which is the case with this amazing green tea infused coconut oil. With the anti-aging properties of the green tea and moisturizing properties of the coconut oil, this is one DIY you’re going to want to to try.

coconut oilMoisturize your face and body with this awesome DIY. You’ll only need these ingredients to make it:
2 Green tea satchels
1 cup coconut oil
Cheese cloth
Essential oils (optional)
Now follow these steps:
Step 1: Pour the coconut oil in a small saucepan and melt completely. Once it’s melted, cut the green tea satchels and pour the loose green tea into the oil. Cover and let it simmer for an hour on low heat.
Step 2: Let the mixture cool until it’s at room temperature.
Step 3: Take a small bowl and place the cheesecloth on top to help strain the loose green tea. Pour the cooled mixture over the cheesecloth slowly. You can add in a few drops of your favorite essential oils at this time. Whisk well.
Step 4: Let the mixture cool once again until it’s completely solid. You can put the mixture in the freezer to expedite the process.
Step 5: Once the mixture is completely solid, whip it with a whisk to get an airier texture. Keep in a container with a tight lid.
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