If you murmur the words “I need more clothes but still have a full closet,” you probably suffered from the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome. You can be your own fashion psychologist by following these easy steps to get rid of that utterly annoying issue!

If just looking at your closet leave you with emotional baggage, it’s probably time to really evaluate what you do and don’t wear. It all has to do with image, beauty, style, shape and preference.

It sounds complex, but it’s super easy. Say you tend to wear the color blue a little too often, you might be suffering from repetitious wardrobe complex.

Poly-chromatic anguish system also exists, it’s the dependency on neutral colors for your everyday outfits. If you get too overwhelmed when you go shopping, it plays a role in to why your mind may think you don’t have anything to wear.

Colors can stress people out and give them anxiety when shopping, so that is why some people tend to stick to only neutrals so they aren’t overwhelmed.

You can simply fix the issue by going through your entire closet, making a pile of what you do where and what you wouldn’t dare. Creating outfits with your clothing can help eliminate that every day thought of nothing to wear. You can save yourself, your closet, and the storm of stress!