Calling all the curly-haired girls! If you’re looking for an updo for an upcoming holiday event or special occasion, you need to try this tutorial. There’s minimal styling and the end result is a fabulous do that will become one of your favorites.

Here’s what you’ll need:
A curling wand
Big bobby pins (a handful of them)
Texturizing hairspray
Headband (optional)

Now for the steps:

Step 1. If your curly tresses aren’t looking very defined, whip out the curling wand and start curling them. Concentrate on the front part of the hair and the ends of the hair.

Step 2. Separate the front part of the hair (fringe area) and keep it out of the way as you’ll be styling it later on.

Step 3. Take the rest of the hair and gather it around the middle of your head. Use your ears/jaw and draw an imaginary line that goes up to the top/middle of the head and this is where the hairdo should be.

Step 4. Start by taking a big section of hair and pinning it down to the area we spoke of in step 3. You should be pinning the hair down but still leaving the ends free. Repeat with large sections of hair until you’ve pinned all of the hair down.

Step 5. Now you should be left with just the ends sort of sticking out everywhere and you’re going to also pin some of it down. This is where you get creative and can pin as much as you want down or you can leave some of your fabulous curls out.

Step 6. Take the fringe that you set aside in the beginning and twist it slightly. Pin the hair to the side and you’re done. To add a little something extra, wear an accessorizing headband to complete the look.
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