You may wonder, are dresses over pants socially acceptable? With this trend, it’s either go big or go home. The paradoxical trend is definitely controversial.

Pants underneath dresses are an easy option if you want to make your own clothes feel fresh, but they have to be styled right. Everyone has old jeans and dresses in the closet, right? Here are a few ways to put them together!

A lot of new designers have actually been bringing this look back including Steven Alan, Kym Ellery, Raf Simons from Christian Dior. Dresses that show off pants from behind especially.

You may or may not have heard of a Tibi dress. It’s like a slip dress, but it looks great over a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. You can pair the outfit with some shorter heels too.

The look can be pulled of and actually look super cool if you know how to style it properly. The slip dresses that look the best are the ones that hit your mid shin, and ripped jeans definitely look the best with this look.

And when it comes to shoes with this look, always opt for pumps. You can wear this trend at places like the supermarket, running errands, also fashion week!