Credit: Unsplash

Fashionistas are purposely wearing mismatched shoes

Fashion is and always will focus on challenging conventions. Whether it was the arrival of denim for women, changing standard business attire, or the banning of super-lowrise waistlines, changes in fashion have always seemed outrageous for a moment before being widely accepted by mainstream culture.

But one trend from the streets of fashion month may take longer to catch on with your average Joe and Joanna. Mismatched shoes has taken over the streets of New York, Paris, and London, and though it’s 100% a look, the practicality of it a little farfetched.

The trend is definitely eye-catching, and personally, I think it serves up some serious couture vibes. Problematically, not many shoe designers have caught on to the trend yet, and until they start selling a pair of shoes to work with the trend, mismatching shoes means buying two pairs of the exact same style shoe in two different colors.

In some cases, this makes complete sense. Everyone needs a good, strappy heel in black, white, tan, and a pop of color… but in terms of special mules, eclectic booties, and thigh-high velvet boots, purchasing two pairs for the sake of a trend that may be incredibly short-lived is a little daunting.

If you do buy into the trend, styling the shoes with shorter hemlines is key to making them stand out. Cropped denim and wide-leg pants or midi skirts work best in showing off this unexpected trend.