The Crossover’s Rohan Nadkarni sits down with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade to discuss which fashion essentials can help you stand out. The 12 time NBA All-Star and 3 time NBA champion is also something of a fashion icon. People want to know how to look, smell and feel like Dwyane Wade.

Dwayne’s five fashion essentials are having the right accessories. Wearing a tie with a tie bar can make a great fashion statement. Also, a cool pair of socks can step up your outfit game. It adds to the character of your outfit. Dwayne thinks that wearing all black socks might indicate a person is very straight-laced, but if you have socks with a cool pattern shows that they might be more of a risk taker.

The part of Dwyane Wade’s wardrobe you might not see is his underwear. He feels that wearing underwear that is not visible through your pants is really important. Another accessory that can stand out and make a statement is a great watch. Dwayne feels that accessories are the things that set you apart from everybody else. While Wade still considers himself to be a student in the fashion world, he hopes to see his name on a fashion clothing line someday. He already has fashion lines for ties, socks, underwear, shoes and athletic apparel.

Additionally, he has a signature shoe with Chinese company Li-Ning, which makes athletic shoes and sporting goods. Wade participates in all of the design decision making for the shoe.