Check out Lauren Conrad’s early ’00 fashion moments. Back when she was adored by fans for her roles on Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren was copied for her fashion by many admirers. Another one of her most famous trends were headbands, headbands, headbands… Lauren wore them all the time, even in scarf form.

Bug-eyed sunglasses were another of Lauren’s faves. She had them in a variety of shapes, colors and brands. One of the things you often saw Lauren wearing were baby doll dresses. Whether they were sleeveless, strappy or in between, Lauren was often seen out wearing a variety of styles of this dress. One of her going out go-to looks was to wear tops made from shiny satin. Oversized accessories were a staple in her wardrobe. Whether it was big shiny earrings, beaded necklaces, bangle bracelets or a giant handbag, Lauren always seemed to go big. Lauren also set a trend for having chunky highlights.

Since then, she has amassed an empire a fashion, but she will forever be the girl who had a headband in every color, print and style. The ironic thing is that even though Lauren was considered a fashion icon and trend setter, she revealed that she dislikes a lot of her fashion choices from that time period. It’s ok for her to look back with a little regret though because she started on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach when she was only 18 years old!