As the summer begins to wrap up in some places in others there are still a few more months to go. With that being said now is the perfect time to refresh your summer wardrobe no matter what season is upon you. Because what do you do when you have exhausted that sundress? Well, you style yourself with these hacks to refresh your cute summer wardrobe.

First, when it comes to dresses, for that backless dress you love wearing out at night, convert it to a daytime dress by wearing it with a sleeveless vest or a blazer.

Another fabulous piece this summer besides the summer vest is the short kimono because this stylish piece isn’t just for covering up at the pool. You can wear it over everything from a sundress to shorts and a tank.

You can also go double duty out of your favorite maxi dress. All you have to do for this look is layer a structured crop top over your maxi especially if it’s a printed one and with a blink of an eye you have a totally different outfit.

Finally, when taking a look from day to night try layering that mini dress you know the one that is too see through tot wear during the day and layer it over black separates. This will give you an edgy yet fashionable evening piece.

So there you have it. Now it’s time to get shopping and make sure you spruce up your summer wardrobe!