Shorts and heels are a very trick combination, on the one hand they can look cute, effortless and chic together and on the other they can look downright tacky. The trick to mastering this trend is balance; if you have the proper combination of items this trend will look super-hot. Just take a cue from some of Hollywood’s hottest stars like Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé and Eva Longoria. All of these stars have recently rocked the shorts and heels trend, looking fierce and flirty. Some ladies are choosing to go the classic route with simple denim jeans and classic black pumps. While other more daring fashion divas and making brazen pairings like wearing polka dot shorts with bright pink heels.  No matter if you’re a fan of the classic look or the quirky styles, there is sure to be a shorts and heels combination to suit your personal taste and style.

For a casual shorts with heels look we recommend you pair simple ripped denim shorts with a black tank top and blazer. Add some black ankle boots and you’ll be good to go. The reason this look works is because all of the pieces are classic and work well by themselves and look even better together.  If you’re looking for something a little bit more dress they we suggest you pair black tailored shorts with a white fitted menswear vest, add a killer pair of strappy black heels for the perfect accent.  This look works because no one piece in the outfit is extreme, everything is polished and understated, which is what you need when you’re making daring fashion pairings such as this.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to rock the sexy and chic shorts with heels combo, well here are a few tips to help you master the trend.

To avoid looking overly risqué, stay away from extremes. Don’t wear shorts that are too short or heels that are too high. Keep everything at a happy medium and you should be on the right track.

Consider some cute printed leggings under your shorts; this is a great way to add in another hot trend.  Plus this will help the look transition into the cold weather months.

Once you get comfortable with the look, play around with different styles of shoes, this look also works really well with wedge heels instead of the usual pumps.