One of summer’s biggest beauty trends has undoubtedly been the orange lip. We saw it on all the Spring/Summer 2014 runways and now celebs and fashionistas everywhere are going crazy for this bright and unexpected color. But did you know that orange and coral were actually popular back in the 50’s thanks Elizabeth Taylor?

While the trend may be new to us, Elizabeth Taylor was rocking the coral lip and became her signature lip color. If you want to recreate a very easy coral lip (because orange can be a bit too out there for some of us), check out this quick tutorial.


Foundation. Elizabeth’s face was always flawless but on the matte side. Apply your foundation as you normally would and set your oily areas with some powder.

Eyes. Her eye makeup was very simple and usually only involved a cat eye with the waterline lined as well. Use a pencil instead of a liquid because, although her liner was sometimes heavy, her liner wasn’t very pigmented and liquid liners tend to be too bold.

Eyebrows. Aside from her lip color, Elizabeth’s eyebrows were one of her most known features. They were full and bold, just like the beauty world prefers them now, so don’t skip out on filling them in if yours are on the thinner side.

Lips. Now for the star of the show: the coral lip. Look for a shade that leans more towards red than pink because her color was in between orange and red, like Clinique’s Runway Coral. Line your lips first with a coral lip liner to prevent any bleeding. Apply the color straight from the bullet, blot, and repeat. Elizabeth’s lips were usually glossy so apply some clear gloss on the center for fuller looking lips.

(Cover image: Rich Glare)