Whether it’s a sports injury, a bad exam grade or a quick-witted response, everyone loves a good comeback. But how about a former fashion faux pa? What were once considered style no-nos are coming back as the hottest trends.

First up, it’s scrunchies. These chunky hair ties come in every color, pattern and fabric imaginable. They top off any casual daytime look by adding a splash of color or a pop of pattern.

Next it’s socks with sandals. Women around the world are rejoicing, as a shoe trend is finally comfortable. When trying out this look, there are a few rules of thumb: 1. The higher the heel, the the thinner the sock. 2. When wearing a wedge, go funky with your sock choice.

Finally, it’s denim on denim. Mix light washes with dark washes and play around with different textures. To offset the look, wear a bold colored shoe.