There’s nothing more we like than a good beauty hack to make our lives easier. Sure, Pinterest has some good tips here and there but after a while they’re all the same. They also never come out looking like the set of 4 or more pictures they provide.

If you want beauty hacks that are tried and tested by the Chic Trends and our editor, try out these hacks.

Double duty lipstick. It’s mind boggling how much money a girl can spend on variations of pink and peach to get those beautiful flushed cheeks. Stop spending so much money on cream blush and use your lipstick instead. After you’re done applying lipstick, dab a bit of it on your cheeks and blend it out with your finger.

Dewy foundation. If you love the dewy look as much as we do, you’re a big fan of moisturizing foundations. But getting that dewy finish can be done with pretty much any foundation as long as you mix it with a few drops of your facial oil or cream. Too easy, right?

Matte lips that stay all day and night. Creamy lipsticks are great but unfortunately they have to be re-applied every few hours or so because they disappear quite easily. If you want your lipstick to stay or want a matte finish, apply the lipstick and place a tissue on your lips. Take some translucent setting powder and dab it on the lips with a brush. You’re lip color will be bulletproof.

Taupe eye shadows for your eyebrows. We’re 99.9% sure that you have taupe light and dark brown eye shadow colors that you use for either a smokey eye or for defining your eye socket. Although that was their intended use, they also work great for filling in your eyebrows. Taupe colors are ideal as they are cool-toned as are your eyebrows and look more natural than a pencil or pomade.

DIY BB Cream. There are some days when you’re pretty proud of your skin and want to let it show through. Mix a ratio of 2:1 foundation and moisturizer for a great glow.

To see more beauty hacks, check out the video!
(Cover image: Burberry)