Sunday night was the 2017 Golden Globes and we couldn’t have asked for a better award ceremony and the stars were stunning as usual!

One of the night’s biggest winners was Emma Stone who highlighted nearly all of the trends in one amazing (Valentino) dress. Nicole Kidman wore an Alexander McQueen dress with light straps and ruffled sleeves. And one of our absolute favorites was Sofia Vergara’s dress which showed off her shoulders….but it doesn’t end here.
If you loved all of the stars styles of the night and were in awe just like we were, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can get most of their styles at an affordable price!

Dresses with a sleeve that don’t look attached was the fashion highlight of the night as most of the stars were wearing the style. The good news is you can wear an off the shoulder top literally anywhere.

Cocktail rings everywhere on the red carpet….And the best part about these is that you don’t have to have a designer ring to rock a cocktail ring! You can literally use your own costume jewelry!

For a while it seemed that people were trying to avoid black, but on this red carpet, black dominated! Yes, it’s the perfect time to invest in that little black dress. If you must have a color, try going with yellow. It’s brings and a fun color to rock.
Dark Roots with blonde hair is also a big trend that anyone can do. This trend is perfect for the busy bee that finds it hard to get to the salon, You can go 2 months between salon visits and call it fashion…literally! Plus you will save money which you can then spend on one of the other trends.

For more advice on how you can get the stars looks for cheap and for more on the Golden Globe star-studded fashion be sure to check out the videos above!