(Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Michael B. Jordan Works Hard For His Leading Roles

It was only somewhat recently Michael B. Jordan stepped into the leading man light with movies like “Creed” and “Black Panther,” stealing women’s hearts everywhere, but only while fighting the bad guys. And keeping good looks like Michael’s isn’t an effortless thing.

To keep his good looks at the top of their game, Michael follows two basic routines: skincare and fitness. But some of his tricks aren’t one you would necessarily have up your sleeve.

First, Michael focuses on his scent. Post-shower, he applies cologne on his body after moisturizing.

For skincare, he does something many would probably consider questionable–he finds washing his face to be “optional.” He gives his skin a break, washing only every two or three days when he feels like it.

And while this seems super low maintenance, he does splurge on manicures and pedicures when needed. While these ideas are attainable, Michael claims his physique routine for movies like “Black Panther” is unrealistic, discussing how it would be hard to sustain because your life would be dictated by the routine and eating schedule.