Google as released the list of the most searched fashion brands of the year 2018. It released it alongside other list of “most-searched” in different sectors.

The fashion brand that topped Google’s list for the most searched fashion brand of the year 2018 is the Fashion Nova brand. Fashion Nova beat hands down several other bigger brands to clinch the first position as the most searched fashion brand of the year 2018 in the report released by Google.

In the report released by Google it is clear that Fashion Nova is the one brand that has been the most sought after as well as the most searched fashion brand of the year. While the Fashion Nova brand took the lead in this year’s statistics, other bigger and older brands followed in other positions.

The popular brand Louis Vuitton was revealed to be the second most searched fashion brand of 2018. Another popular brand, Versace, was revealed to be the third most searched fashion brand.

The Fashion Nova brand is not as old as some brands as it was only established and founded in the year 2013. This big reveal by Google is such a huge deal for Fashion Nova brand considering that it is still relatively new and is already doing so well and getting much recognition.

Why Fashion Nova brand has been able to achieve this great feat as the most searched fashion brand of the year 2018 is basically because of exposure. The brand is being promoted by social media influencers as well as celebrities. Also, Fashion Nova brand boosts of affordable and quality clothes.

Celebrities supporting fellow celebrities is a case with the Fashion Nova brand as several celebrities like Kim Kardashain, Black Chyna, Amber Rose, Tamar Braxton, and Kylie Jenner wear pieces from the Fashion Nova brand and post the pictures on their social media pages thereby gaining popularity for the brand.

We certainly cannot wait for 2019 to see what Fashion Nova brand has in store. Cheers to more wins and popularity to Fashion Nova.