(Photo Credit: HSY)

Pakistan celebrates culture through fashion

Fashion has been expanding worldwide. It is no longer limited to the United States and Europe. Now the rest of the world is opening its doors to the fashion and beauty industries in a big way. Pakistan is one of the latest to embrace the fashion industry and is being celebrated by Fashion Parade.

Fashion Parade is a very popular event that started in the UK and focused on fashion, beauty, and culture of South Asian countries. Starting over five years ago, the fashion show, which was founded by Sadia Siddiqui, has been wildly successful in globalizing fashion on a large stage. This year, Sadia Siddiqui brought Fashion Parade to New York City.

Pakistani fashion was the center of attention at this year’s show. Sadia Siddiqui wanted to bring to light the beauty and creativity of Pakistani art and culture.

“I wanted to create a platform where I could really show people the vibrant and beautiful, amazing side of Pakistan,” Siddiqui told CBS news during a recent interview. The show featured four designers from Pakistan and two from India which highlighted the rich culture and craft of these Asian countries.