With the recent marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you may be wondering what type of fashion rules she has to follow. When a girl marries into the royal family, there are certain things she can and can’t do. Though being a part of the royal family is a privilege that is not only amazing, but many girls dream… a royal family has rules and traditions that are very old protocols, a few that affect fashion picks.

What Queen Elizabeth says goes. She prefers a princess to look Feminine, so that means dresses and skirts opposed to pants. Meghan Markle loves pant suits so she will now have to give up her blazers and trousers now that she is married. Another thing you may have not known is a princess cannot wear colorful nail polish of any sort. They either wear neutral pinks or clear polish and only natural looking nails are permitted.

Also, a royal has to use a clutch purse to avoid hand to hand contact with someone. If you have noticed, Kate Middleton will hold a clutch with both of her hands as etiquette during events. We will definitely see more clutches being carried by Meghan Markle. You will almost always see a royal wearing a hat on almost every formal occasion as it is an old tradition that women keep their hair hidden.

Something else Meghan will have to do when she travels, is always wear a black outfit. This is a fashion rule in case a family member dies a royal will always be prepared. The reason this rule was made was because when Queen Elizabeth was a princess, her father passed away when she was on a trip in Kenya. Consequently, she had to wait inside her plane for black outfit before she could be seen in public.

Another big no-no is that you cannot wear any type of wedged shoe around the queen. She absolutely despises them and all the women in the family know that. If you are in her presence heels are a must. Lastly, the queen suggests a royal to wear pantyhose under an outfit, the reason hasn’t yet been explained. Of course, a newly married royal is bound to break a fashion rule here and there, but hey, we all learn from our mistakes!