Black comes in all different styles, from super shiny leather to this latest trend, which involves a muted matte look. Matte black was first seen on nails as a manicure trend, but it quickly became a popular clothing and shoe trend as well.  Matte black is a very interesting hue because its flat and has almost the same look as brushed metal. Designers are obviously having fun with this because trend we have seen matte black fashion all over the 2013/2014 runways this season.  This trend is super easy to style and there are a variety of ways you can work it into your wardrobe.  You could opt for something as simple as nail polish or go for a head to toe matte black ensemble.

For an easy way to wear matte black at the office, replace your shiny black pumps and go for matte black pumps instead .The muted shade of black is unexpected and offers a fun play off of the traditional work wear shoe. A matte black manicure is another great way to rock this trend; you could opt for solid matte black on your nails or try a French manicure using matte black as a base and shiny black at the tips.  One of our favorite ways to wear matte black is to do it with leather. Pair a matte black midi skirt with a sexy and colorful neon top for an interesting and unique look.

Try The Trend Tips

We highly recommend you add some matte black into your wardrobe, it’s a great way to refresh a flattering and classic color.

Look for matte black accessories like watches, purses and pendent necklaces.  Accessories like this are a great way to showcase the matte black finish.

Since matte black has a futuristic quality to it, think about pairing it will cool geometric prints and patterns to maximize the uniqueness of the look.