Cold weather fashion trends

As the days of summer dwindle away, everyone is putting away warm weather clothing and bringing out wardrobe pieces for colder weather. As we near the cold seasons, we reveal some of the biggest fashion trends for cold-weather wardrobe.

Instead of going for a print try a patchwork piece that is going to be all the rage for cold weather. The best part of wearing a patchwork piece is that they can be featured with a variety of colors and fabrics to create a unique piece to update any look.

The bomber jacket is a classic staple style for colder weather with a variety of colors to choose from. Having a black bomber jacket in your closet can match easily with the rest of your wardrobe. During the colder seasons, you can layer a bomber jacket with a coat or scarf to stay warm.

Add some flair to your jackets with unique embellishment options including a dramatic puff sleeve. Having puff sleeves on a jacket instantly transforms your silhouette for a more masculine look.

Colder weather gives fashionistas a chance to incorporate fabrics that they typically won’t wear during the warmer seasons. Fuzzy coats and sweaters are must during the colder months that can be worn on-the-go or when you’re chilling at home.

One layering essential for the colder months is an oversized cardigan that is comfy and cozy for nearly all outfits. Try to grab a cardigan featuring a neutral color such as navy, black, or grey so it can blend easily with your cold-weather wardrobe.

Knee-high boots are a must for your cold-weather wardrobe that suits any outfit with leggings or jeans. Knee-high boots are super stylish and also adds an extra layer of warmth for your legs, they offer knee-high boots with or without a heel for your style and comfort preference.

Add some flair with fringe for your cold-season wardrobe that can be incorporated in many ways with clothing and accessories. One of my personal favorite cold-weather pieces is a black suede jacket with fringe down the arms that keep me warm while looking like a rockstar.