Over the years, the trends in the way we color our hair have changed drastically. Hairstylists have been experimenting with different hair colors recently, like “navy blues, bubblegum pinks, and sunset oranges.” Now they are even trying more silver and metallic colors.

Jack Howard, a London’s posh Paul Edmond stylist and colorist, states, “We’re beginning to see a huge increase in guest asking for metallic-inspired color in the salon. I think that it’s partly due to the transition of the trend from glossy finishes to metallic on the catwalk.”

While edgier colors were once not considered as “office appropriate”, people are now more willing to take a few risks with their hair color. According to the 2017 edition of hair care brand  L’Oréal Professional’s annual survey, a quarter of women polled said they were now more likely to try a bold or pastel hair color than they were a year ago — an indication of how much has changed in our approach to hair. From sleek silver ponytails to gunmetal grays, younger people in their 20s are asking to have their hair colored with grey hues as well.

The metallic trend has also continued into makeup looks. Iridescent, shimmery colors have been the trend when it comes to new makeup looks. Rather than the unicorn look of bright, glittery colors, we are now seeing silvers, golds, and chromes that can really be elegant!