Recycling and reusing is always good for the environment. Especially when so much good fabric is put to waste, with an estimated 20 billion pounds of textile being thrown away in the United States alone each year. A new and upcoming clothing line is turning fabric scraps into super fashionable pieces! In Brooklyn New York, designers take textile scraps that are all different shapes and sizes, stitching the scraps together to create a new, flat, textile that can be re-purposed for clothing.

Daniel Silverstein started Zero Waste Daniel in 2015, after years of designing high-end clothing. Silverstein says he was sick of making boring old evening gowns and cocktail dresses, while always stressed out from using all of his time to design clothing pieces. He realized that what he was doing wasn’t really helping anybody so he took action and decided to close down his city studio.

Daniel had been collecting textile scrubs for years, and just two giant bags of fabric scraps inspired him to start his ever so changing clothing brand. He realized all of his awesome fabric should be put to good use, so he made himself a shirt to see how it would turn out!

Everyone on Instagram went crazy asking if Daniel Silverstein was doing menswear and they all loved the shirt. This is when he realized that reusing textiles was the best clothing brand idea ever! He opened his new store, and it was a huge success. If you want to look cute while saving the environment, try out Silverstein’s chic brand!