Every year, people sit in the audience while some sit at home to watch the angels strut their stuff in tiny bits of lingerie and wings while showcasing the new designs by the fashion house, Victoria’s Secret. A lot of effort is put into appearing in the best image, the models (aka Angels) are not only picked for their beauty but a charming and hardworking personality is needed.

In an interview with Forbes, the chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret parent company L brand said the key to being a successful Victoria’s Secret Angel is to “do the work, prepare and don’t take it for granted”.

Prior to the show, Angels are seen in gym adhering to strict workouts and diets plan. They have been known to workout at least twice a day: Bella Hadid has admitted to working out for 20 hours a week while last year’s fantasy bra model Ribeiro admitted to working out daily for two months before the shanghai show.

Long-time Angel Adriana Lima is retiring this year after walking the VS runway for 20 years. Lima reveals that she never loses rhythm all year round she is paying attention to what she eats and her workout routines so she is ready whenever there is a need for her to show up.

They pay attention to their diet and carbs, Sara Sampeio said ahead of the show she eats just chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Adriana Lima said she travels with what she eats most times to avoid any surprises or having to go to restaurants to eat meals.

Weight training is not left out because of the heavy wings they have to wear and the lower part of the body is also a major concern, they do squats and lift weights to look their very best on the runway.