Paper quilling is a work of art that is made using thin strips of colored paper to create exceptional designs for art work, pendants, earrings, flowers, etc. It is not expensive and is a great hobby to take on during vacation for both kids and adults. This is a simple tutorial on how to make a quilling necklace and you won’t need too many instruments, just interest, and patience.

  1. Paper strips of different colors. Remember the colors are the beauty of any design so make sure you get at least 2 colors.
  2. Quilling stick/pin. This is a small pen sized stick with a ball point pin at the tip.
  3. Glue
  4. Ribbon for finishing. Be sure to get a color that suites your papers.

Take a strip of paper by the edge, hold it firmly with your thumb on the quilling pin and gently wrap the paper round the pin supporting it with your index finger. It will form a close spiral. When you get to the end, you can either glue another strip to form a bigger spiral or close it by gluing the tip to the paper.

Once done, take it off the pin, arrange it and begin to wrap the next strip on the pin. Repeat this procedure until you have your desired number for the pendant. A medium sized pendant would need about five spirals.

Gather the balls together and glue them to each other to form your desired shape. Cut two equal lengths of ribbon and glue them to the sides of the pendants. Leave it to dry and you have a finished work.