A new hair trend that celebrities and stars from everywhere are obsessed with, may surprise you. Everyone knows summer is about beach waves and short hairdos, but this year it has changed. You may have heard of the glass skin trend created by Korean beauty expert… but this trend is all about shiny glass-like hair.

And no, there is no real glass involved. Some may say it’s greasy, some may say it’s sleek and healthy looking. The hair look is being rocked with an even sharp even haircut, and shiny glowing hair.

Celebrities especially going crazy with this look are Kylie Jenner, Lucy Hale, Kim Kardashian, and many others like Kelly Rowland and Jenna Dewan. Whatever hair color you have it doesn’t matter, it’s all about how glossy and “glass like “ your hair appears.

It looks great either straight and slick, or in a pulled back ponytail. You can easily make any outfit chic with this hairstyle, and it’s also very modern and trendy!

With glass hair being the biggest fresh and clean look of the summer, it’s all over celebrity news feeds. So, if you skipped the Korean glass face trend because you were scared of a greasy look, be sure to try out this new hair trend if you want to look amazingly bright!