This year for the Grammys a lot of celebrities were dressed to impress, while some decided to dress according to their political affiliations. For a night that focuses on entertainment, some artists chose to gain attention by making it about politics.

Singer Joy Villa was in attendance and made quite the statement in her wardrobe choice. Her dress was the main focus of attention calling to literally “Build The Wall”. Villa actually walked on the red carpet wearing a silver cover over her main dress which didn’t bring much attention. Some we’re turning their heads over her red statement bag that featured Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”.

After a few moments on the red carpet she removed the silver cover-up to show off a white gown with with a brick print (symbolizing the wall). In case the wall pattern wasn’t symbolic enough, the middle of the back featured red print reading “BUILD THE WALL” with a barbed wire draped across the back of her shoulders to complete the look.

Villa offended a lot of people with this fashion statement, including the actual designers of the look, Desi Designs Couture. The designer actually posted a disclaimer on their Instagram saying that the client’s views, thoughts, and opinions aren’t the same as Desi Designs Couture.

This isn’t the first time she’s used the Grammys to promote Trump. In 2017 she walked the red carpet at the Grammys wearing a blue gown with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan down the front and with “Trump” printed on the train. She also had a similar dress cover that was all white, later revealing the Trump statement dress minutes after being on the red carpet.

Many are speculating that this choice in wardrobe was to bring more attention to a less known artist through the promotion of Donald Trump’s platform. But Villa wasn’t the only artist that chose to support Trump through fashion on the red carpet of the Grammys.

Another less known artist, Ricky Rebel, decided to walk the red carpet in outlandish attire in support of Trump. Rebel is known for being an LGBTQ advocate, though he shows his support for Donald Trump.

Ricky Rebel also sneaked his Trump fashion statement on the red carpet like Villa, wearing an all white ensemble with an embellished white jacket. Moments after stepping on the red carpet he flipped his jacket inside-out for a wardrobe change to a blue jacket with a “Keep America Great” slogan down the front and “Trump” printed on the back.

No one is certain of who designed Ricky Rebel’s jacket, but the designer probably want it this way.

Though many are questioning these fashion statements, more are asking why these artists were invited to the event since neither were nominated or qualified for a single Grammy award. But one thing is for sure — they might have not won an award, but they sure got some attention from the award show they would have otherwise been looked over.