Everyone wakes up a little tired every now and then, but who doesn’t like catching up on beauty sleep? Sometimes over-sleeping can look pretty noticeable, but with only a few products you can easily hide that tired look (not to mention waking up with a hangover). If you had a long night’s sleep and need to look wide awake the for the morning after, then here are a few life-changing hacks!

Using a brow pencil and brow gel and brushing out your brows can make a big difference. Really taking time working on your brows will distract from your tired eyes… which is the biggest giveaway of how tired you are.

That’s why color correcting concealer is also great to use under and on your eyes. Going over your under eye and your lid with a slightly lighter shade then your face will help with redness and reduce unwanted color. A great concealer called hydration is great because it will help with the side effects of alcohol dehydration!

Sometimes waking up in the morning can take your natural color away from your face. Using a bronzer and blush is super important because it will give you color back that you need and also distract from your tiredness… the more shimmer the better!

Complete your look with mascara, which is one of the most important things you can use if you’re looking for a more refreshed look because it helps your eyes look more awake and more full! By using these hacks, you can easily look more alive and thrive on a few hours of sleep!