(Photo Source: theyellowsparrow.com)

Grey + Ombre = Grombre

Body positivity is the newest trend taking over the world… and for a good reason. And this newest show of positivity and equality may be one of the most inspiring.

Body positivity is all about accepting you for who you are; realizing that all of your curves and imperfections are beautiful in their own right. It’s about not accepting or forcing yourself or others into the societal norms or societal standards of what beauty is. And once you achieve this, the freeing feeling makes you more confident and radiant than ever before. For some, it means giving up on hair dye and letting your gray hair shine.

Grombre is the newest trend hitting the body positivity movement. Everyone knows ombre. This new look is all about letting your natural gray and silver color show. Just like ombre, grombre is the gradient between the silver and gray colors of hair.

This new look is inspiring older women everywhere. For some, freedom is all about letting your best self show. For others, its freedom from the time and money it takes to color and maintains an “unnatural” look. But either way, we are hoping this confidence and look is here to stay.