Which celeb hairstyle is your favorite?

As summer comes to a close, so does your summer style. Shorts and tank tops are replaced with pants and warm coats and your summer hairstyle needs to change too. These celebs have already made the shift; have you?

Your hairstyle often says the most about you. A seemingly small change in your hair, whether color or length can completely change your look. And of course, a brand new hairstyle can totally change your style and define your look. It’s time to close out the summer with a new you!

Sophia Bush is known for her ombré hairstyle that she has rocked since early 2017. Recently, however, she has returned back to her originally brunette style that we knew back in her Nip/Tuck days. Another actress that has recently shifted her hairstyle is Kate Beckinsale.

The long wavy brunette chopped her hair to a shaggy bleach-blonde bob in late July. The style is a complete shift from her normal look and gives off a more relaxed and fun vibe.

Finally, one of the biggest transformations of the summer is Jada Pinkett Smith. The actress, known for her signature short, cropped cut recently showed up on Instagram sporting long-blonde braids. Definitely a full style change.