If you don’t already have one of the almost 3,600 stores H&M has worldwide, get ready: H&M is planning to open 400 additional locations by December of this year.

The famous retailer opened up 379 stores last year alone and due to it’s many successful colaborations, like the Alexander Wang collection last November, people everywhere may have a store that’s closer to them if that wasn’t the case already.

H&M executives announced the company had a good year in sales as it rose 14 perecent last year alone. Profits were around 2.4 billion and 16,000 jobs were created according to Fashionista.com.

“As a further step in broadening H&M’s product range, in autumn 2015 we will start the launch of H&M Beauty—a new and broad concept for make-up, body care and hair care with high quality value-for-money products in a specially produced design that we have great belief in,” Karl-Johan Persson, CEO, H&M said.

The beauty range will replace the cosmetics being sold currently and will first launch in only 900 stores, 40 markets and online as well this year.